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our freshness is off the hook

Uncle Buck's Direct Alaskan Smokehouse provides the freshest quality Alaskan sea and land has to offer. Keith Huss, owner (aka) "Uncle Buck" has hand-selected the finest products and teamed up with the best smokehouse pros in the food truck biz. All of UB's items are cured and smoked using local hardwoods, no manufactured pellets or liquid smoke. We make small batches by hand in order to maximize the quality, freshness and excellent taste of our fish and meats. These products contain little to no preservatives or fillers.


From our famous Alaskan King Crab Tail Sandwich, to our Spicy Reindeer Sausage Dog, Uncle Buck is ready to roll up to the next food truck frenzy.


Check out our locations and event dates below.

Catch us if you "deer"!


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catch us if you "deer"

No upcoming events at the moment
"a buck Spent with Buck is a Buck well spent."
-uncle buck
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